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Dark Matter Coffee Cold Packaging
Dark Matter Coffee Cold Packaging
Dark Matter Coffee Cold Packaging

When Dark Matter Coffee approached us to help them launch their new line of canned Coffee Cold packaging into the market, we were, quite frankly, super stoked. We recognized a compelling opportunity to differentiate their products from the sweep of monochromatic, coffee-colored labels already on the shelves. We would fill Dark Matter’s labels with lush, vibrant hues and pack them from edge-to-edge with custom illustrations.

We distilled a new brand direction for the four Coffee Cold flavors that tapped into a multitude of influences, including futurism, the experimental jazz composer Sun Ra and the owner’s Mexican heritage. That led us to commission Mexico City-based artist, Raul Urias, to infuse his unique, visually arresting, psychedelic illustrations for the labels.

The retro-futuristic labels float easily between states of consciousness (the brand’s motto is “drink coffee, stay high”), while playfully sitting next to their competition in market. Their unexpected complexity respects the quality and depth of the ultra-caffeinated juice inside the package as much as the legacy and vision of the team of Dark Matter founders, farmers, baristas and roasters who make it all happen.

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