Chosen Collateral

Jeremy Hlinak

cover letter
promo card

Receiving a personalized letter or piece of mail these days is such a rare, analog experience, the creation of the physical pieces themselves should be the same. 

The intro to Francis collateral is all printed and hand-made.The first step was laser-cutting the stencils. 

The envelope comes in dark grey paper. Thick. Perfectly horizontal opening, and bright, fire-orange hand-painted OUTCAST lettering on the top flap. Each one is completely unique, and with its own flawed perfection. Each address is hand-lettered.

The cover letter is third thing seen. The Francis manifesto is printed on vellum, aligning perfectly with the grid of the letter behind it when placed directly on top. Underneath the vellum manifesto is the letter printed on slate grey, 20lb paper. At the top of the page is a different stencil of OUTCAST lettering, hand-painted and completely one-of-a-kind. The Francis logo is also hand-painted at the bottom of the page.

The smallest item of this package took the most time and is the most impressive (in my opinion at least). 40,000 hand-placed dots make up the Francis logo in orange, and the manifesto is printed in spot-gloss on top of it. On the back is the contact information, and another 40,000 dots making up the grey background color. It took for f'ing ever. 

Graphic Designer
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