Chicago Design Week 2018

One Design Company

A printed calendar of events for the week balanced form and function.
Through the website and digital promotion, we pushed the interactive boundaries of variable typography while articulating the thematic concept of Chicago Design Week 2018.
Promotional calendar / poster detail
Promotional calendar / poster detail; metallic ink on black stock
Chicago Design Week 2018 concept statement

We developed a branded campaign to celebrate Chicago Design Week 2018, a look at the fluid and evolving state of design today captured under the theme of “Design in Motion.”

The website – a functional and evolving calendar for the week – brought the concept to life visually, leveraging the dynamic interactive capabilities of variable type.

A printed promotional piece functioned as a statement of intent, an event calendar, and a poster expressing the Design in Motion concept in static form.

Design Director
David Sieren
Senior Designer
Collin Joyce
Erick Morales
Chris Malven
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