All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive 2 Exhibition

Stripe SF

Exhibition Installation
Exhibition Installation, Endless Constructions, by Alejandra Valenzuela
Exhibition Installation, Serverdial, by Dexter Sinister
Exhibition Installation, work in vitrine by Zak Jensen, James Langdon, and Hansje van Halem
All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive #2, publication

All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive uncovers “unrealized” graphic design projects that consumed many hours—sometimes years—of work, but were never produced. These fascinating proposals—ranging in form from PDFs to photos, dummies, models, and sketches—remain unmade but are deserving of serious discussion. Unlike in architecture and product design, where “unbuilt” or “speculative” work is forefronted as an important subject of critical discourse, most of these projects have until now been buried in flat files or deep in hard-drive storage. We are intrigued by the possibility of making innovative but unrealized graphic design concepts visible to the public and available for critical discussion. 

This exhibition is based on Issue 2 of the Unrealized Archive publication and conceptualy acts as a supplement to the publication. Where as typically you have an exhibition that you base a publication on, in this case the relationship was inverted. This Exhibition visualizes a body of work that is largely immaterial and exists mainly as PDF proposals and sketches. In addition to acting as an aid to the publication, the exhibition also gave us the opportunity to expand on what was included in the book. For instance, we featured Dexter Sinister’s serverdial – a digital sundial a project made in response to the failure of White Night, the project featured in the publication.

Includes work by åbäke, Alex De Armond, Dexter Sinister, Tetsuya Goto, Goys and Birls, Hammer, Hyoun Youl Joe (Hey Joe), Zak Jensen, Jungwook Kim, Yura Kim, James Langdon, Seungmee Lee, Studio Pandan—Ann Richter & Pia Christmann, Federico Pérez Villoro, Chris Ro, Minoh Song, Team Thursday, Alejandra Valenzuela and Hansje van Halem.

Curator, Editor, Designer, Publisher
Jon Sueda
Curator, Editor, Designer, Publisher
Christopher Hamamoto