Villita Typeface

Wendy Robles

"National Museum of Mexican Art", 2017, 24in x 26in. Exhibited at the Chicago Architectural Biennial as part of "Sight Six" Poster Exhibition.
"The American Dream", 2017, 24in x 36in
"Maria" and "Tomas", 2018, 48in x 42in. Sculptural piece exhibited at Typeforce 9: Exhibition for Typographic Artists.
Detail of" Maria"

The Villita typeface was inspired by the ornate tiling pattern on the exterior of the National Museum of Mexican Art in the neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago. The typeface was first exhibited as part of a poster exhibition titled Sight Six at the Chicago Architectural Biennial in 2017. Later, to be used in other poster and sculpture applications, the subject of the pieces give a nod to the origins of the community from which the typeface was inspired from.

The American Dream poster emerged in response to the President’s actions in September of 2017 to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The sculptural pieces Maria and Tomas were exhibited at Typeforce 9: An exhibition for Typographic Artists. The pieces, written by the designer, convey a story of two journeys. Inspired by stories of Mexican immigrants but written to include all, the sculptures took over 80 hours to complete and consist of over 2,000 individually placed hand-painted wood tiles.

Wendy Robles
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