Things Take a Long Time

Tanner Woodford

Image Credit: Decay Devils

Tanner Woodford strives to ensure that his works are both contextually relevant to the communities that they serve, as well as personally enriching and enlightening. He crafts narratives that resonate with and authentically represent communities. 

He is currently exploring the effects that bold graphic patterns and typographic elements have on the meaning of an idea, and how the nuances of a message can be expressed with these tools. As part of this exploration, he installed Things Take a Long Time in Gary, Indiana at the invitation of the Destination Gary organization for their #PaintGary campaign.

#PaintGary is a movement organized to fill the City of Gary with vibrant and thought-provoking public art. Beginning in the summer of 2018, over 50 local and international artists will work on more than 40 sites. This mural reminds Gary's residents to maintain an optimistic view — this marks the beginning of a new era for the city.

Tanner Woodford
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