California College of the Arts

The dérive originally conceived by Guy Debord. Transversal Diagram of the Derive is two parallel lines with one slanted line going through them. The two parallel lines represent the Spectacle, and the slanted line going through the two parallel lines is the Derive. Since derive is “drifting”, the slanted line represents a sort of drifting through the two lines, interrupting them.

In the Data technology era, society may be more and more dependent on algorithms, and even aesthetics is no exception. If it is full of algorithmic rational arrangements, during the immediate future, How to design our role within that common(s)?

The third space, I roam at San Francisco Public Library. Connect physical and digital spaces and psychogeography with photo archives. The same book (barcode) has been passed through the Due dates in different people's hands. The numbers are like the shackles that block the movements in different spaces but are recorded, and the archives are indelible.

Graduate Graphic Designer / Interaction Designer
Wenqiao Deng