Suzㅅㅈ Branding

Suzie Shin

The logo is locked up vertically and horizontally, on top of the textures created from found images of astrology.
Documentation of the five different business cards, printed on recycled cotton paper for a luxurious, textured feel.
The informative side of the business card featuring the horizontal logo lockup logo and text in multiple directions.
Colorful glyphs that did not make the cut.
A process image that shows custom Korean letters in different weights to match Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold.

My parents immigrated from South Korea to America in the late 1980's, and had three children. Like most immigrants, they had to decide on two names: one from our culture, and one we could easily use in English. I was named Suzie (not short for anything), and 수지 (pronounced "Sooji") out of the purpose of convenience. In homage to my deeply integrated Korean-American upbringing, I developed this logo that features my short nickname "SUZ," alongside glyphs and the beginning characters of my name in Korean. 

The Korean characters were custom designed to match the S & Z in Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold. The glyphs were made to contrast the characters while providing modular opportunities and variable usage. The imagery/textures came from altering scans from the 'Space & SciFi' gallery of the British Library's Mechanical Curator Collection

Suzie Shin