Rice School of Architecture

OCD | The Original Champions of Design

The Rice Architecture logo is made up of a combination of the R and the A deliberately crafted to form a distinctive laser like focus.
A unique circular grid was developed using concentric circles with rigorous mathematical spacing. The circular grid organizes design elements in a dynamic and collaborative way. Type and images encircle content to provide a laser-like focus on Rice A
Each lecture series poster utilizes the circular grid to organize messaging and other design elements dynamically.
‟Rice Architecture is a think tank: a container for possibilities,” says Dean Sarah Whiting. That optimism is brought to life throughout the visual identity with a broad palette of colors that can be used interchangeably from semester to semester.
The identity isn't done until it's on a tote.

Key to the relaunch of the brand is an identity system and website to match Dean Sarah Whiting’s vision: that the school is a meeting point of discourse, theory and practice, as well as of Rice University and the world. A unique circular grid was developed using concentric circles with rigorous mathematical spacing. The circular grid organizes design elements in a dynamic and collaborative way. Type and images encircle content to provide a laser-like focus on Rice Architecture's most important content. 

Creative director
Bobby C. Martin Jr.
Creative director
Jennifer Kinon
Michael McCaughley
Daniel Hennessy
Art Director
Ian Searcy