National Museum of Mexican Art, Animated Mark

Andrew Pacheco

The National Museum of Mexican Art/Museo Nacional de Arte Mexicano is dedicated to art from both sides of the border created by people of Mexican heritage and descent, spanning over 3000 years and showcases the diversity of Mexican culture. Located in the predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood of Pilsen in southwest Chicago, the museum is a pillar of cultural and artistic significance, an immersive experience, and truly a museum for the people.

Much of the literature available from the museum is in both English and Spanish. As such, it was imperative that the mark was able to maximize this bilingual potential. The mark itself is transformable and translatable, navigating the acronyms for the museum in both languages—NMMA in English, MNAM en español—while retaining a similar shape that ensures continuity across all platforms. The mark is inspired by the geometry found in Mexican architecture from pre-Cuauhtémoc times to the Modernism of Luis Barragán and Juan O’Gorman, the colors drawing from swatches of the museum walls.

Andrew Pacheco
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