Erwin Wurm Exhibition Posters


These are the poster series for Erwin Wurm's "The Philosophy of Instructions" exhibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Center(BACC), in November, 2016. With the concept "All is Sculpture", we tranformed the letters from his name into series of sculptures to create these self-satired alphabets for his first ever exhibition in Bangkok. 

We tried to capture the essence and philosophy behind Erwin Wurm's works, we explored different means of communication design that would best represent the exhibition. Using humor and absurdity to create visually intriguing posters that can speak to the mass audience universally. Humor and satire are what we concluded as Erwin's main essence, creating these entire uncanny alphabet sculptures. Additionally, this quirky alphabets can help reach out to people who haven't really been exposed to his work as well. Apart from designing the posters that best represent the exhibition, we wanted to create a visual that draw people to the exhibition.

The production of these poster series was done with special silk-screen ink to create the contrast effect of matte and glossy finishing to reflect the work of Erwin Wurm. 

Design Director
Tnop Wangsillapakun
Grittiga Prasitsiriwongse
Songpol Press
Bangkok Art and Culture Center(BACC)