Trinity International University

The Beauty of Buffering

If the entire world were totally bathed in light, would it be beautiful? Would we see that light as comforting, hopeful, inspiring? Or would light succumb to familiarity, falling into the ranks of ubiquity alongside gravity, oxygen, even matter itself? It is the contrast of night which gives dawn its beauty. We prize and treasure the daylight because we know that, within hours, it will evade our grasp.

Beauty is the child of contrast, unliving and unbreathing if not for its frightening mother. This unlikely pair is formed and reformed constantly, reincarnating each time with new faces. Silence births symphonies from cacophony. Unfamiliarity creates allies from acquaintances. Buffering delivers data from darkness. Waiting molds pleasure from pain.

Like mother and daughter, every happy ending is born out of silence. If only we could peek past the curtain of time and spy the majesty being born from our patience. Then, perhaps, we could understand the beauty of buffering.

Written by Dwight Wesley Davis

Design / Direction
Taek Hyun Kim
Dwight Wesley Davis
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