150 Media Stream

The Narrative

150 Media Stream identity system.
Promotional postcard designed for the 150 Media Stream launch.
Stationary Kit for 150 Media Stream.
Postcards designed to promote artists featured on the 150 Media Stream.
Identity on 150 Media Stream.

Riverside Investment and Development conceived a groundbreaking video installation for the lobby of their new building at 150 North Riverside Plaza in Chicago. 

Commissioned by Riverside Investment and Development and curated by creative director Yuge Zhou, this video installation is a sculptural wall consisting of 92 LED screens, that span 150 feet in length and 22 feet in height. The installation streams custom artwork created by internationally renowned media artists and is open to the public.

Riverside Investment and Development approached The Narrative to create a name and brand identity for the installation that would attract international artistic talent along with connoisseurs of the arts, promote the education program, and establish a strong foundation for the brand for years to come.

 At the conclusion of an extensive naming process by The Narrative, the installation was named 150 Media Stream, and we began the design process. Our goal was to develop a strong and adaptable brand identity to function effectively alongside the changing artistic styles of the curated video content—that was also full of visual energy and movement—which is the essence of the physical installation.

The final visual identity was inspired by the space between the 92 blades of the installation—the tension between separation and unity. The identity reflects how each blade of the 150 Media Stream is unique but acts in coordination with the others.

To generate excitement and publicity around the launch, a suite of promotional materials were designed for omni-channel communication including print, web, newsletter, press kit, and social media campaign to establish 150 Media Stream as a Chicago cultural landmark.

Daniel McManus
Sofya Karash
Nathanael Filbert
Michael Salisbury
150 Media Stream curator
Yuge Zhou