David Wolske

Synæsthetica No. 1
Synæsthetica No. 2
Synæsthetica No. 3
Synæsthetica No. 4
Synæsthetica No. 5
Synæsthetica No. 6
David Wolske printing the “Synæsthetica” series at Hatch Show Print, Nashville, TN.

David Wolske was the first independent artist to create a personal body of work using the wood type collection at Hatch Show Print, the world renowned poster shop in Nashville, TN. He seized the unique opportunity to work with the biggest font in the collection to create the Synæsthetica series. By using larger than life letterforms and arranging the layers to create dynamic color and shape interactions, Wolske engages viewers in a vivid trans-sensory dialog. The prints may be experienced individually, but the suite was conceived as an almost infinitely reconfigurable installation. When combined, the prints become a mural which simultaneously alludes to contemporary street art as well as the palimpsest resulting from the paste-over and removal of printed posters, billboards, and road signs. Exhibition curators are enlisted as collaborators and encouraged to make creative decisions about orientation and sequence.

Artist / Typographer / Designer / Printer
David Wolske