Live Coverage 2016


Invite detail
Video signage
On site screen printing & apron
Poster layers, can be combined in any variation or used all together
Base poster layer
Hand emboss & edition number
Drying wall
Animated type

The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA) hosts a unique annual fundraising event that combines live art with a live auction. Aptly titled “Live Coverage,” it brings onlookers into the studio setting to watch artists at work and bid on the finished pieces. We have been pleased to design the event’s poster series since its inception, using the opportunity to explore a variety of printing methods and ideas about making art…and watching it be made.
For the election year of 2016 we visually explored the hidden forces that watch and affect the political process. This idea was translated graphically into four designs that can be viewed individually to create separate posters or layered to create one signature design. We screen printed the poster live at the auction, and guests could “vote” for any of the five poster variations. Through poster sales, we were able to make our largest donation to the UICA to date.

Creative Director
John O'Neill
Senior Designer
Ryan Mitchell