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Girls Garage, a unique building and design camp for girls ages 9-13, approached Firebelly in need of a robust identity system as unapologetically confident and curious as the young campers it serves.

The organization, formerly known as Camp H, had already secured the new name, a raw new space and a sizeable community of fearless builders. Our task: ensuring that every aspect of the visual identity, every piece of collateral, and every word reflected their spirit and skill. 

We began by creating a custom typeface—a key distinguishing element aptly named "GG Mono." Featuring both rounded and chiseled corners, the monospace font references Wim Crouwel's work while emphasizing hand-made qualities through industrial, stenciled letterforms. The resulting alphabet reflects the "made-ness" of student work and imparts a sense of continuous evolution. 

Pushing beyond traditional STEM and feminine aesthetics, the Girls Garage system balances playful geometry and vivid hues with heroic portraiture and hand-drawn, textured accents for an overall look and feel that vibrates with youthful exuberance and serious strength. 

Tom Tian
Design Director
Will Miller
Web Developer
Matt Soria
UX Strategst
Alibaster McDonald
Content Strategist + Copywriter
Kristin Lueke
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