Solarise Exhibition Collatera


Luftwerk’s 2015­­–2016 exhibition solarise: a sea of all colors was billed as a site-specific response to Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory comprising five dynamic, immersive installations. Each artwork invited visitors to interact with color, light, and nature in new perspectives, heightening the viewer’s awareness of their natural surroundings, the relevance of Jensen’s visionary landscape, and the architectural and societal significance of the building and its grounds.

In keeping with this holistic theme, a solarized circle was used as the primary imagery, considered both geometric and natural in form. It is a closed curve that divides any plane into two regions: an interior and an exterior, reflecting the indoor and outdoor nature of the exhibition itself. In this case it also defines the duration for the year-long exhibition; a complete rotation around the sun. Secondary collateral imagery was created based upon the shapes that can be seen in each one of the installations.

Renata Graw
Alexa Viscius