Personal Creativity Map

Dorman Design

This self-initiated piece was fueled by a personal interest in mapping. I am interested in exploring writing as a mapping exercise and, with this piece, wanted to use writing to create something akin to a personal map of the imagination and creative process. Various sections of the work are intended to represent different aspects that play out in my mind as I work on a project, from outside influences (top left quadrant) to bad ideas (top right quadrant) to the bottom half of the page which mainly represents personal histories and shared cultural influences. All of this is funneled down the center of the image through doubts, fears, epiphanies and random thoughts. The non-linearity of the work is a mirror of my own non-linear process.

If find these types of self-initiated projects to be beneficial to my regular design practice as a space to explore process and experiment with new ideas and I take advantage of the opportunity to create these types of works whenever I can.

Luke Dorman