Over 9000

Daliah Ammar

Over 9000 showcased the final clothing collection from Ends/Wealth Corp. alongside artwork by brand designers Brandon Breaux and Dougan Khim. The work is comprised of portraits and installations, which manifest anime’s influence on the artists’ work; conversely, the clothing collection explores the impact of the atomic bomb on Japanese society, and serves as an exercise in empathy.

Through their work, Breaux and Khim invited visitors into their vision of the marriage of otaku culture and realism. The term Over 9000 and the “mistranslation” of the japanese text stems from the anime Dragon Ball Z which Khim and Breaux where influenced by during their youth.

This graphic poster is meant to display the mixed emotions and differences of culture of Khim and Breaux’s work, ranging from structured order, to chaotic movement, to inner peace.

Daliah Ammar