New Orleans Review 41 Science Fiction Issue

Decorative Debris

Last year’s theme for the New Orleans Review was science fiction. I decided to create a 3-dimensional “space-like” sculpture that I then photographed and manipulated on the computer.

The sculpture was made primarily out of cut paper and letraset halftone transfer paper. The type I used was Victorian clip art which was cut out and arranged on the computer. I had made 2 different sculptures and ended up digitally combining parts from each to recreate a new form. For the back cover I mistakenly dripped hot glue on my work table and liked the way it looked and effect that it gave so I added it to the image. I also manipulated it on the computer to make it appear as if it was some sort of viscous material.

For the printing I added metallic silver ink around the title on the front cover and as a tinted highlight to the sphere on the back cover.

The images I have supplied are the digital version of the front and back cover and then images of the actual book.

Nancy Bernardo