MAS Context - DEBATE

Leo Burnett Department of Design

Debate is the Fall 2015 issue of MAS Context. This issue explores the role of debates, ones that have taken place as well as ones that should take place. How are these debates constructive exchanges of opposing positions? What are the topics of those impassioned discussions? What are the issues at stake? What are the venues, physical or virtual, historic or current, in which these debates take place? What conditions favor the generation of these debates? Who participates in these debates, who is the audience, and who should be the audience? And ultimately, what are the outcomes of these debates?

The issue features contributions by Paola Antonelli, Jessica Barrett Sattell, Busy Beaver Buttons Co., Justine Clark, Dgenerator, Neil Donnelly, Nathan Friedman, Fabrizio Gallanti, Iker Gil, Chris Grimley, Michael Kubo, Max Kuo, Ann Lui, Dennis Maher, Marina Otero Verzier, Mark Pasnik, Jason Pickleman, Zoë Ryan, Denise Scott Brown, Adrian Shaughnessy, Christina Shivers, Craig Shparago, The Architecture Lobby, Stanley Tigerman, and Mimi Zeiger.

The issue was designed by Leo Burnett Department of Design.

Alisa Wolfson
Eavan Wallner
Peter Ty
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