Let's Play - Innovating the Arabic Learning Experience through Lego

Ghada Wali

Insight : Effective Communication & Education is the road to more tolerant & efficient communities. Problem : The Arabic & Latin scripts do not only represent different worlds but also create technical difficulties for both the Eastren & Western communities on daily basis. In addition to the outdated boring ways of learning arabic even to kids of arabic speakers & because arabic is already a complex language, there is an urging need to update & innovate Arabic education.

Objective : Breaking the fear of Language, Transforming the educational experience & Getting the gap closer, Redefining the Arabic letters into a challenging game of connecting shapes, Activating all the senses – feeling, touching, hearing & seeing (taking into consideration the mentally challenged and disabled population). Pushing the learning experience into a mobile platform that could be easily carried along anywhere, anytime.

Idea : Introducing the arabic language to early learners, foreigner speakers or even helping community integration in the refugee crisis, by creating a full arabic abstract display typeface through playfully building each letter using colored lego blocks. Each letter is explained through sound, form & words in function, with the equivalent in latin, resulting in a fun pocket book with the 29 letters simplified in their initial, medial, final & isolated forms plus a dictionary of 400 words in addition to an encyclopedia of pantones.

Medium : Dictionary, 3D Letters Book, ‘Join the Lego Blocks’ Online Game & App, wearable informative garments (t-shirts,bags..etc), in the city sculptures, interactive screens, posters & Website. Further development : the idea could be realized/translated later in different languages serving different markets.

Ghada Wali
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