1871 Annual Report

Leo Burnett Department of Design

1871 is Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for digital startups. As the inaugural annual report, 1871 wanted a book to be a vibrant showcase for the stakeholders and their community.

The 1871 Annual Report is a set of loose-leaf publications sectioned out via different talking points. Each piece features its own uniquely-illustrated cover, contrasted by consistent spine and back covers. This being their first AR, it lacks the year-to-year data for traditional annual reporting. To call out 2014’s highlights, the design treats the at-a-glance section as back covers large call-outs. This approach allows for quick glance of 1871’s accomplishments and the energy from their diverse community by just flipping through the front and back covers. The AR is housed in a custom die-cut binder, which represent the physical space of 1871 that supports a diverse group of thinkers, educators, and startups.

Art Director
Alisa Wolfson
Peter Ty