As a type foundry, Typotheque seeks to explore the idea of ‘contemporaneity’, creating quality typefaces that reflect our time and serve its needs, making our contribution to the ongoing history of type development.

Typotheque’s focus on extended language support has driven the development of fonts that support not only most Latin-based languages, but also those based on Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Armenian and Devanagari scripts.

We also focus on technological innovation. In 2009 we introduced pioneering concepts in web fonts, being the first commercial type foundry to licence its entire type library for use on the web.

Typotheque sets high standards. While most type foundries produce Standard and Pro versions of their fonts, our Standard Fonts, which support all Latin-based European languages as well as advanced OpenType features, are generally far more complete than most other foundries’ Pro Fonts. Typotheque Pro fonts go even further, supporting Cyrillic, Greek and Greek Polytonic scripts.

In our design work we shift our attention from form to meaning. We enjoy taking on a wide scope of cultural and commercial projects in a wide variety of media. Over the past decade we have designed postage stamps and oversized posters, organised events, curated and designed exhibitions, and conceived ballet performances. We rarely just receive content and give it an ‘appropriate’ form; we believe that design should happen at a more fundamental level than just playing with layout.