Kelcey Towell

St. Louis, MO

In early childhood Miss Towell was diagnosed with a severe allergy to Comic Sans. Her fate was sealed. What was she going to do, become an insurance adjuster?  No, not Miss Towell. She turned her affliction into a strength and became a mercenary in the battle against subpar aesthetics and mediocre branding, gently guiding clients away from amateur font choices and forcefully applying elegant kerning. But one does not become a design dynamo overnight. Miss Towell, a perpetual student, honed her skill set through a number of educational avenues and collaborative models, most recently completing an MFA in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Throughout her career she has won several industry awards and been featured in publications like Fast Co., Communication Arts, and the book "Type on Screen" edited by Ellen Lupton. Her appetite for both food and design is prodigious. Fueled by granola bars and tortilla chips she possesses an impressive reserve of energy for such a pint sized vessel. She was once told she was "energetic, but not in that annoying way" by someone who clearly meant well but was not very good a giving compliments. A part-time leather crafter obsessed with materials and form she is also interested in type, lettering, hand-drawn type, and calligraphy. If you can get her to stop snacking long enough to offer advice she will likely tell you "Be nice" and "Make luck." She enjoys pine scented candles, a well designed poster, clever vandalism, and pretty much anything designed in Scandinavia.