Jessica Kao

Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Kao is a graphic designer and educator who designs with a methodology aimed at marrying form and content, while at the same time bringing a unique perspective to projects.

Currently sunbaked in Los Angeles, she has worked internationally and in collaboration with a diversity of institutions, organizations, artists, and designers, among which include Metahaven, LuxTypo, Group Efforts, Amnesty International, China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, Holly Herndon. She also art directed at the Design Society, the largest design museum in Asia co-founded by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Jessica received an MFA in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts, and her work has been featured in exhibitions such as We Love to Design in the Sun at the Common Center in Seoul, South Korea. She enjoys long naps and she speculates upon everything, ranging from how an ant could possibly dance to the most loaded questions of being. And — she’s a bird lady!

Please visit for projects and more information, and email her at [email protected] to share a conversation and work together.