Beyond Screens


Qiuwen Li


Beyond Screens, uses form, type, motion, and coding to enable the audience to see and play with typographic elements in both abstract and applied form by creating dynamic and interactive environments. To engage people in various ways, my work is designed as a system to be used across various media. Beyond Screens includes two components—four posters and a website. Rather than relying simply on 2D or 3D, it is a more complicated dimensional space; I am creating enjoyment for the audience beyond the screen, both digital and print, by inviting them into a multidimensional space. For the website, I created five pages based on rhythm; point, line, and play; form and counter-form; color words; and color in space. All the form in the poster design were inspired from the web design. As a designer, I understand the need for legibility, but I am more concerned with communicating something more visceral, expressive, and imaginative. Instead of drawing conclusions, Beyond Screens seeks a field of discovery, one that requires inquiry as opposed to conclusions.

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