3D Type Exhibition


Hoon-Dong Chung
Dankook University


ASSIGNMENT – This promotional poster is designed for an experimental project ‘Unstable Unity’ and used the letter ‘3D TYPE’ in conceptual aspects. The project continuously focuses on expanding 2D types into 3D environment.

APPROACH – Transforming 2D types into 3D imagery / Expanding possibilities in Dimensional Typography

RESULTS – ‘3D Type Exhibition’ got good reviews on the design field and awards including the following.

‘Platinum Award’ at the Graphis Design Annual 2016.
‘Platinum Award’ at the Graphis Poster Annual 2016.
‘Gold Award’ at the 45th Creativity International Awards.
‘Merit Award’ at the HOW International Design Awards 2015.
‘Honorable Mention’ at the 8th International Design Awards(IDA).

Art Director / Designer – Hoon-Dong Chung